Acid Neutralization Tanks

Russell Reid is pleased to provide expert acid neutralization tank pumping and cleaning for small laboratories, hospitals, schools, or other facilities with onsite acid neutralization systems.  These tanks are employed to neutralize and dilute these waste waters prior to discharge to the local sewer system.  

The primary purpose of these tanks is to neutralize wastewater with a low pH or acidic waste water.  The pH system by which we measure the corrosive strength of the waste applies a numeric value between 0 and 14.  Waste with a low pH is acidic, a high pH is alkaline, and neutral is 7.  Acids run from 0 to 6.99 and alkaline run from 7.01 to 14.

Neutralization tanks are charged or filled with limestone, the active ingredient being of which is calcium carbonate.  On contact with the limestone and through retention in the tank, the limestone reacts with acids to form harmless neutral salts, carbon dioxide, and water.  

Regular maintenance is required to replenish spent chips and remove sludgy deposits of inorganic residual material and debris.  The average service frequency runs between yearly and every three years.

Russell Reid offers clients the cleaning and recharging of their tanks with manufactures specified limestone replacement.  Request a quote to get a site evaluation and a more customized recommendation for your service.   

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