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Fats, oil and grease along with food particles and other organic materials can cause a great deal of problems for restaurants and food service establishments. Large amounts of this material entering the wastewater system increases the rate at which they collect and build up in drain lines and grease traps.

Why Do I Need A Biological Grease Treatment Product?

Restaurants and other commercial foodservice facilities usually produce a high volume of grease and organic waste which reduces the time necessary for the material to break down naturally. As a result, the waste material collects and builds up inside of drain lines and grease trap systems. In addition, toxic cleaners and high water temperature reduce the levels of naturally occurring bacteria which are necessary to digest grease, fats, proteins and other organic wastes. The result is a buildup of grease waste that will eventually cause blockages, grease trap overflows and foul odors.

How Will A Biological Additive Help Me?

When used in conjuction with regular maintenance service, bacterial additives can help eliminate blockages and overflows which can cost you time, money and even your reputation. With regular use, they will augment the naturally occurring colony of bacteria to assist in breaking down grease waste. These products can also help keep drains clear from buildup and can help control kitchen odors.

Are Bio Products Safe To Use?

The bacterial products offered here are completely safe; non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and non-combustible. They are biodegradable, safe for the environment and authorized by the USDA.

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Russell Reid does a great job servicing our grease traps.  They come automatically, I don't have to remember to call them and they are fast, efficient and don't leave a mess.  They are also happy to answer my questions and provide me with information I need to keep my system going without problems.

- Kate R.