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Periodic maintenance is the key to extending the life of your septic system and preventing costly repairs. People who own septic tank systems have long trusted Russell Reid to provide reliable, responsible septic system services in NJ, Eastern PA and the NY metro area.

Your septic system is a natural, environmentally friendly way to treat the wastewater generated at your household. There are many different kinds of septic systems, however they are all a fairly simple design with most containing a large tank and some sort of drainage area. The waste from your home goes down the drain and into the tank where the waste is broken down by a natural bacterial process. Baffles keep the solid materials in the tank until they are broken down and guide the clearer liquids to the drain field where the organic process continues.

There are several scenarios that can disrupt the balance of a properly functioning septic system. The main cause of septic failure is lack of maintenance. Over time, solids build up in the tank and can enter the drain field and cause a system malfunction. This can also cause unsanitary backups in to your home.

Luckily, following a few simple guidelines along with regular professional maintenance is all it takes to keep your septic system functioning properly for many years to come.

How Can We Help You?

Russell Reid understands the unique challenges faced by homeowners with septic systems. Since 1943, we’ve been offering peace of mind in the form of reliable, responsible septic service. Our state-of-the-art equipment, uniformed service technicians and dedicated Customer Care staff will ensure your satisfaction as we provide prompt, reliable service at reasonable rates.

Along with superior service, Russell Reid offers additional ways to help you care for your system including jetting services and bacterial additive programs.  We also offer:

10 Point Service Check

Provided free of charge with every pump-out, this exclusive service details the operating conditions of your system and can help alert you to any possible problems.

Reminder Program

Customers of Russell Reid are included in this program to help keep maintenance on schedule.

Neighborhood Discount

Want to save more on your septic service? We offer a neighborhood discount for 2 or more households scheduled for the same day.

Temporary Restrooms

Protect your septic system from overload during parties or picnics at your home.

Dumpsters / roll off containers

For bulk solid waste generated during yard clean up or home renovation.

Risers and Replacement Lids 

Allow easy access to your septic tank and eliminate the need for expensive and disruptive digging to uncover the lid.

For septic system repairs or installations of new septic systems, contact:

Northern New Jersey:  Richard Cowell Excavating and Septic Systems, 908-879-4643,

They're Saying

I've been using Russell Reid for my septic service for many years.  They are always great to deal with and very professional and knowlegable.  I wouldn't use anyone else and refer them often!

- Iris I.