Oily Wastewater

Oily wastewater is a combination of water with some surface oil, oil sludge or sediment. 

Often times this type of waste will also have significant quantities of grit and solids that have come in contact with oil and need to be managed at a used oil processing facility.

Oily wastewater used to be considered hazardous waste. Since being declassified to non-hazardous bulk liquid waste, Russell Reid can offer cost effective solution to you. Speak to our sales staff and compliance officer for quick approvals for oil water separator cleaning, and bulk water contaminated with oil. A quick and easy profile procedure will enable us to source a facility specializing in oily wastewater treatment and disposal.

Our fleet of aluminum and stainless vacuum straight trucks will pump and clean oily waste water, grit, and residue from all types of tanks, pits, and oil-water separators. If necessary, we have the ability to offer high pressure jetting services to hydro clean piping infrastructure, floor drains and other apparatus to properly maintain your valuable industrial infrastructure. OSHA approved confined space entry and project management is available as required.

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