Regulatory Compliance

Russell Reid is committed to helping you solve waste management issues and remain in compliance with today’s ever changing regulations.

Whether you’re a food service establishment where your grease trap pumping is reportable to the local health department or a categorical generator of a permitted industrial wastewater, Russell Reid will work with you to understand your site specific compliance requirements.

Our long standing relationships with many publicly and privately owned treatment, transfer, disposal and recycling facilities will afford you a compliant and valued service / disposal experience.

We offer:
Wastewater Consulting and Site Assessments
Waste Profiling for Facility Approvals
LEED Project Reporting
Categorical Wastewater Permitting
Field Sampling & Laboratory Analytical Services
Archival Access to Paperwork / Manifest Copies

Give us a call, send us an email, or drop by to have a chat. We are always standing by and eager to help.