Beverage Tray Drain Tube Brush

Soda fountain (or beverage towers) drain into a tray and then into a drain tube. This drain tube gets sugar snakes and cold water mold that can eventually clog the drain completely. Now there is an easy and safe way to clean this beverage tray drain tube. The brush also comes with our Drain Tube Agent, which is a natural bio-product. After cleaning the beverage tray tube, squirt the 2 oz bottle into the drain. This Agent will help remove any remaining mold or buildup and will coat the drain lines to slow future drain buildup.

Brush Features:

  • 5 feet long
  • Flexible brush wire to travels down the entire tube without getting stuck
  • Comes with a red rubber easy-guide tip
  • The brush bristles are coated to clean easily after each use
  • Easy to store with hanging handle (or store in provided bag)
  • Can also be used to clean espresso lines