Early on we made the decision to invest in a technology, which would enable our company to grow. The AMCS Platform did just that and continues to give our organization flexibility and scalability.

The AMCS Enterprise is more than an ERP solution, it is the foundation to automating a business. Through it’s platform, it covers the full waste management process. With end-to-end integrated solutions it aids in the management of your assets and resources, standardise your processes and legal compliance.

Rob Suessmann, Logistic Manager; “The most exciting thing for us was when AMCS introduced a mobile solution that integrates with our Enterprise Management solution. In the past, everything was a manual process. Deploying mobile devices to our field service group was really transformative. We are able to track the beginning of the order at the dispatch department and process it all the way through to the driver’s mobile app and then back to the home office. For us, knowing where the trucks are at any given time has allowed us to handle on-call and emergency status work. By pinpointing the location of the vehicles and what their capabilities are, we can delegate the work more efficiently to the appropriate resource and therefore making our response to our customers much better.”

Not only are we gaining insights into our business performance, we are also streamlining process and increasing productivity through improved daily communication from the office to the field. With all of this, we have been working towards eliminating paper entirely, saving both costs and efficiencies.

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