Restaurants and other food service establishments are facing more stringent municipal regulations regarding the disposal of grease trap waste. Proper care in the removal and maintenance of your grease traps will not only ensure compliance, but can also prevent blockages and overflows which can cost time, money and your reputation.

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Are you disposing of your wastewater properly?

We offer you the information and maintenance needed to know more about your grease traps and we take our job seriously when it comes to servicing them. Grease traps need to be pumped and cleaned depending on how quickly they become full. We utilize specialized service equipment, including large and small vacuum trucks and specialized utility vehicles with portable shop vacs to access more difficult – hard to access – interior grease traps.

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Blockages & Backups

The purpose of grease traps is to collect excess grease in the wastewater flow through physical treatment, retention, and separation. Without proper maintenance, grease and food debris build-up, creating blockages in your drains, lines and sewer system. This ultimately causes safety and sanitary problems for your business.

grease trap maintenance blockage drawing
Preventative Maintenance

Our maintenance programs are customized specifically to your needs. We offer an auto-schedule service which can help keep grease trap removal problems under control. In addition, our 10 Point Service Check List is included free with each service which can help alert you to potential problems before they become a hazard to your business and customers.

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Additive Benefits

We also provide your grease traps with enzyme treatments that help reduce the problems associated with grease. The bacteria in our products break down organic waste into food and then use this food to multiply and produce more enzymes allowing for a continuous cycle of waste digestion, leaving the area free of solids, free flowing, and odor-free.

Grease Trap Removal & Maintenance Services You Can Trust

Preventative maintenance of your grease traps provides both safety and sanitary benefits that your business depends on. Our team is dedicated around the clock in helping your business succeed.


Our services are all for one and one for all.

We proudly serve a variety of businesses including restaurants, food manufacturing and processing facilities, hospitals, schools, hotels, property managers, country clubs, supermarkets, assisted living communities and many more. Below is a look at our full-service offerings to help in the removal of food service wastewater.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease Drum Service

Biological Additive Programs

Drain Line Cleaning

Power Snaking/Jetting

Ejector Pit Maintenance

Auto Schedule Service

10 Point Service Check

Concrete Pad Cleaning

Compliance Consulting

Customized Maintenance Programs

Portable Toilets


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