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CCLS Septic Additive

Regular doses of the beneficial bacteria and enzymes found in CCLS bacteria additive will assist in maintaining the healthy colony of beneficial bacteria needed throughout your septic system. CCLS septic treatment has been helping to protect septic systems for over 20 years and is used every month by thousands of homeowners just like you.

Adding CCLS septic system additive to your septic system every month will ensure that billions of beneficial bacteria assist with the natural and necessary digestion of sanitary and complex organic waste. CCLS has also been proven effective in preventing septic systems from becoming sluggish and backing up. In some cases CCLS has played a role in rejuvenating slow or sluggish drain fields.

Order your CCLS septic additive today and along with a regular septic pumping, further protect your septic system investment for years to come!

Add 1 quart CCLS septic additive per month for a typical 1,000 gallon septic tank with normal usage. Talk to your septic maintenance provider if you are experiencing problems or have heavier than normal usage.