Fruit Fly Destroyer

Fruit Fly Destroyer is the only true and safe product on today’s market that will end the fruit fly breeding cycle. Unlike bleach, nasty fly strips, and hard chemicals that will not end, stop or kill the breeding process.

All-natural bio-based formulation that will kill fruit flies in the larva stage (the babies) before they are born by getting to the source of the problem. The most common place for fruit flies to lay their eggs are in the floor drains, on the interior surface of the drain pipe below the cover.

Fruit Flies feed off of the organic waste in the drain pipe, which help them grow. Fruit Fly Destroyer eliminates them in a unique way. When sprayed on the larva, it will embed itself into them, causing their systems to shut down. This leads to their death and the life cycle end.

  • VOC-Free and Astmagen-Free
  • Safe for all humans, animals, and the environment
  • Non-staining