Granular Grease Trap Treatment Granular Grease Trap Treatment
Russell-Reid-Grease-Trap-Treatment Russell-Reid-Grease-Trap-Treatment

Granular Grease Trap Treatment

Bio-Rem E-D is an industrial strength granular bacteria/enzyme waste digester for use in grease traps and problem sewer and drains lines. Bio-Rem E-D grease trap additive is an effective treatment option to help reduce the problems associated with grease.

[show_more more=”Read More” less=”Show Less” color=”#0066cc” align=”center”] It contains several live strains of organisms and enzymes to effectively break down grease and other forms of sewage. The granular format provides immediate digestive action plus continued solids and odor control. Bio-Rem E-D grease trap additive also stimulates already present bacteria with it’s fermentation factor to further enhance its effectiveness. [/show_more]

For maintenance, apply 4 tablespoons of Bio-Rem E-D grease trap additive followed by 1 cup of water per 100 gallons at period of lowest flow to increase retention time. Apply twice weekly or as needed.