We provide expert video pipe inspection service with the latest state of the art mobile remote inspection equipment.

This service provides complete evaluation of storm sewer, sanitary sewer or related lines for final bond release, rehabilitation and other pipeline inspection needs. Take a look at a sample video we have created of our video pipe inspection work. Not what you’re looking for? View other Infrastructure Maintenance Services

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We operate a self contained video pipeline inspection vehicle which includes a remote controlled pan, zoom and tilt camera, as well as a computer analysis room capable of providing onsite videos via DVD and written inspection reports.

At the heart of the system is the latest version of CUES Granite XP Pipeline Assessment Software, a comprehensive data management system which creates customized inspection analysis in the form of reports, videos, still pictures, and database files to meet a wide array of data requirements. The software is designed with an asset based architecture, critical for regulated entities to meet or exceed the asset management requirements for GASB34, CMOM and the EPA. CUES software is approved by NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Services Companies).

For more information regarding NASSCO and NASSCO certifications, please visit nassco.org