Russell Reid’s Discount Septic Tank Pumpout Program

We know you aren’t the only one in your neighborhood that needs regular septic pumping, so tell your neighbors to get pumped with us too! Our neighborhood discount program offers savings to you and your neighbor if you get them to sign up for septic pumping on the same day as you. The more neighbors you signed up, the less you and your neighbors will pay for service! Contact us now to inquire about your discount. We appreciate your recommendations to others in your neighborhood! Not what you’re looking for? View other Septic Services

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Please contact us to find out about our neighborhood dicing program!

Program Reminders:

  • Discount pricing is applied to you and your neighbors
  • Prices are based off our 1,000 gallon rate
  • Time windows are not available
  • Septic manhole lids should all be visible
  • Extra hose charges may apply

10 Point Check

This additional service is included with every septic pump-out at no extra charge. It ensures thorough evaluation of the operating conditions of the system and allows the technician to alert you to any possible problems that may impact its functionality. Results of the 10 Point Service Check are included on your service documentation for your reference. Learn more here!