Russell Reid is the best name in the nonhazardous waste management business for plenty of reasons, but the one we’re most proud of is our emphasis on safety. Since the company’s founding in 1981, Russell Reid has enforced a strict safety policy to ensure the happiness of customer and employee alike. From monthly STOP (Safety, Training, Operation, and Professionalism) meetings, to DriveCams installed on all of our trucks, to a uniform consisting of mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE), we take safety seriously.

With that in mind, Russell Reid is particularly proud to announce our newly renovated locker room at the Keasbey location. This brand new feature is double the size and steps away from the yard and shop. Each employee has an individual locker to safely store PPE when they’re off the clock and personal belongings during the day. The locker room also boasts a newly installed eye wash station in case of emergency, new lighting and ventilation, and an ADA compliant toilet and lavatory.

When Russell Reid relocated our headquarters to Raritan Center, the corporate services and warehouse spaces were converted into a air-conditioned truck shop that now acts as a new, safe office space for mechanics, a proper storage space, and a facility for new servicing equipment. Each of these features allows Mr. John to be more efficient and work with care and precision.

Every day, Mr. John is working to be the best we can possibly be in the portable sanitation business. But we can’t get there unless we know that our staff are safe and feel secure in their workplace, so they can deliver on what you need most.