Russell Reid has been recognized on My Central Jersey News for reusing fats, grease and oils from Rutgers University Dining Halls to help curb the fuel costs and client footprint at the Joint Meeting of Union and Essex Counties Waste Water Treatment Plant in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Representatives of Russell Reid and Joint Meeting explained how the leftover food particles and oil and waste makes its way down to the outdoor grease trap, where the separation occurs. Russell Reid technicians prevents clogs by sucking out the fat and waste from the trap, so that the system operates well. At the Waste Water Treatment Plant at Union and Essex, the water gets discharged off the truck and through the facility. The fats, oil and grease material serves as a food source to various microorganisms that produce methane gas, which is used as a fuel in the cogeneration process for electricity and heating.

You can also watch the video on My Central Jersey here.