Happy 242nd, Uncle Sam! Nothing says Summer like the 4th of July – so put on your red, white, and blue and get ready to celebrate America with Russell Reid! All over the country, Americans will be covered in stars and stripes, barbecuing and watching fireworks. We want to be there to ensure that your patriotic party goes smoothly.

As you spangle your house with flags and banners, Russell Reid will provide you with the services you need to make sure everything runs just right. Your septic system might not be the first of your worries when planning a 4th of July Party, but Russell Reid is here to help.

Make sure to remind your guests who are using your bathrooms not to flush anything down the toilet that doesn’t easily decompose. This includes the small stuff too, like matches, tampons, cigarette butts, wipes, and diapers.

While preparing for your party, try to limit your water use as to not overload the tank with liquids to drain. You can be prudent by sweeping your driveway and sidewalks instead of hosing them down, limiting shower time, and perhaps taking a look at our sister company, Mr. John, to rent some portable toilets instead of having everyone flushing all night long!

If it’s time for a pump before the 4th, give us a call! No one wants a septic emergency on their big night. Russell Reid is here to help you celebrate the right way. Kick back, watch the fireworks, and have some bbq – in the spirit of the 4th of July!

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