It is usually during the holiday season when we begin to shift our focus from ourselves and turn towards others. It is a time of giving and a time to promote the holiday spirit. It is during this time that Russell Reid Waste Management holds their annual Holiday Charity Raffle.

This year’s winner, the FISH Hospitality Program, serves homeless women and families by providing shelter and meals, and helps them to obtain housing, jobs, medical services, and other assistance in order to give them a new opportunity to live independently in their communities. This worthwhile organization was nominated by a very special employee; someone who carries the holiday spirit all year; someone who selflessly donates time and resources to help others less fortunate on a regular basis. This employee is Peggy Lewicki who works in our Accounts Receivable Department in Russell Reid’s Keasbey Headquarters.

Peggy has been volunteering for various charities for many years. She spends every weekend working at her Church, assisting in the nursery and spending time with families of the FISH Hospitality Program. She also delivers clothing and food to local pantries/kitchens and encourages her children to participate. While there are many reasons people volunteer, Peggy says she believes in “Paying it Forward.” “You will find the reasons people volunteer on the faces of those who need help” she said. “ I see it all the time, and am so grateful to be able to offer that comfort and to see the smile on the innocent faces of children when you provide the smallest gesture.“

Peggy also instills compassion in her children. “I want them to understand that life doesn’t always go your way. Anyone can end up in a bad situation and when they do, others need to be there to help pick up the pieces. It’s what anyone would want if faced with that hardship.”

It was an especially happy moment when Peggy’s charity was selected in the annual Russell Reid/Mr. John holiday raffle. Peggy was thrilled that the FISH Hospitality Program was selected to receive the donation; a check for $2500.00 that will help them continue their good work.

Russell Reid/Mr. John has been providing local charities with holiday donations in lieu of holiday cards and customer gifts for the past several years. This program was started during the economic downturn and has become an annual tradition that employees and customers alike greatly appreciate. “We are so grateful to our customers,” said Viola Sarkantyus, Marketing Manager. “It is because of them that we are able to provide this gift each year and we are pleased to be able to honor them in such a meaningful way”.