A properly designed and maintained septic system will provide many years of worry free service. Below are some tips to help keep your system safe during the cold weather and associated winter activities:

•If designed properly, there is no danger of freezing in your septic system. The depth of the pipes in the ground as well as the steady flow of warm wastewater will keep the system well above freezing temperatures. Under no circumstances should you put anti freeze or other chemicals in to the septic tank. These chemicals would disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria responsible for breaking down the waste in the tank.

•Make sure you know where your tank and drain field are located and keep snow plows away from these areas. Snow plows driving over the drain field can compact the soil or dig up areas of the ground and cause damage to the system.

•Installing a riser can make access to the tank easier when the ground is frozen in case of emergencies.

•If you go away in the winter for extended periods of time, make sure whoever is watching your house is aware of the location of the tank in case of an emergency situation. Also, provide the phone number for a 24 hour service provider.

If you have a particular question regarding the operation of your septic system, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Representatives for guidance at 800-356-4468.