In August of 2013, Russell Reid executed the Manasquan River Pump Station Sediment Removal Project in Wall, New Jersey.  We dedicated a team of six (6) Field Service Technicians, along with six (6) Service Vehicles to complete the project, which took a total of four (4) days to complete (August 20th through August 23rd).

The Manasquan River Pump Station Sediment Removal Project required us to remove river sediment from the Manasquan River intake pumping station.  We used two (2) of our Combination Jet-Vac trucks, two (2) Vacuum Containers, along with Confined Space Entry to execute the service.  The sediment that was removed from the intake station was then managed on site in a contained area designated by the customer

Russell Reid is committed to providing the best customer service experience our industry has to offer.   In order to achieve this goal, we created a detailed project plan for our Field Service Technicians and Project Management Team prior to the start of the project.  The first step was to perform a site visit which allowed us to figure out the most efficient way to complete the work.  After reviewing the scope of work and the lay of the land, we decided to load-in and set up all the equipment we would need to complete the job before the work actually started.  This process included leaving some of the trucks onsite, having a truck available at all times to refuel the onsite equipment and having all the equipment (hose, lighting, rope, confined space entry gear, etc.) readily available to perform the service as efficiently as possible.  This initial planning allowed Russell Reid to perform the work in a well-organized, efficient manner.

Despite our extensive preparation, our Service Technicians did face some obstacles as the job progressed.  One of the obstacles involved water leaking into the tank under the tarps which resulted in filling up the Vacuum Containers with more liquid than solids.  In order to resolve this issue, the customer had to reset the pump to evacuate the water coming in from under the tarps.  In addition, Russell Reid cleaned the solids from the wall which allowed the water to run through underneath to where the hydraulic pump was set (which was deeper than the floor we were cleaning), allowing the pump to remove the water.  We also evacuated piles of sand which slowed down the process of removing the sediment.  Not only is vacuuming sand more time consuming, but the distance in which we were vacuuming the sediment out was also very extensive (over 200 feet).

A considerable amount of time and effort was put into the project and the Russell Reid Company was pleased with the overall outcome.   Regardless of the hiccups the Field Service Technicians encountered, the technicians were well prepared and were able to overcome the obstacles.  Everyone involved in the project contributed to the company’s success and our customer was extremely impressed in our ability to prepare for the job, execute our plan, and perform the service in a timely manner.

The Manasquan River Pump Station Sediment Removal Project is a testament to the way the Russell Reid Company continuously provides the best service in the industry.  We take pride in our ability to get the work done the right way and the way we conduct ourselves as a company.  Our goal is to maintain our good customer relationships and continue to build more in the future.

Russell Reid is available for serve our customers 24 Hours: 7 Days a Week.  Please feel free to reference our website or call us at (800) 356-4468.