Jet-Vacs are dual purpose trucks having both pumping and jetting capabilities.

They are used in municipal, commercial and industrial applications for vacuum cleaning of lift stations, ejector pits, storm sewers, catch basins, and others where heavy grit, sediment, sludge and other semi-solid and wet solid removal is needed. Not what you’re looking for? View other Infrastructure Maintenance Services

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This machine is also used for low pressure, high water volume cleaning of pipes from 8” to 60” in diameter. The hydraulically driven dumping debris body is ideal for dumping solids into dewatering or roll off containers. Russell Reid’s Jet- Vac equipment combines a very powerful vacuum with a high-pressure water jetting system which operates up to 3000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

This equipment allows for thorough removal of solids and semi solids from lift stations, manholes, storm sewers, catch basins and other similar environments.