Designed for the removal of oil from wastewater, oil water separators are part of the sewer infrastructure that require periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Russell Reid supplies complete oil water separator cleaning including the removal, transportation and disposal of oily wastewater, grit, and solids. Routine maintenance prevents oil from escaping the separator into the sanitary sewer, and causing excessive buildup of grit and sludge. Not what you’re looking for? View other Infrastructure Maintenance Services

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Oil water separators can be located in ground or above ground and come in countless sizes and configurations. Russell Reid has the expertise and experience to evaluate oil water separator systems and supply efficient cleaning and responsible disposal.

Oily wastewater, grit and sludge is removed from the separator using vacuum trucks, and if necessary high pressure water jetting may be included to scour and clean the inlet, outlet, and other separator components. Wastewater is transported to an appropriate oily wastewater treatment facility for recycling. To view this process click here

Russell Reid is available on short notice as needed, or sign up for our periodic maintenance plan where will routinely schedule service according facility specifications.