Pump stations, ejector pits, and lift stations all refer to the same type of basic system: a series of electric pumps, floats and valves located in a pit or well to move wastewater from one place to another.

These systems are usually part of a wastewater system where liquids must be pumped to a high elevation. At this point, the sewerage can flow by gravity or under pressure to a sanitary sewer collection system; or in some cases it can flow to a septic drain field. Not what you’re looking for? View other Infrastructure Maintenance Services

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Pump station systems require occasional cleaning and maintenance. In these cases, we offer a combination service of high pressure jet washing and wastewater pumping to remove grease and solids from the floats, pumps, walls and floor of the station where this material often accumulates. The service is provided as a preventative maintenance or in many cases, on an emergency basis.

We also provide a standby service, where a vacuum truck will pump all wastewater flowing into the pit, if the pumps are broken down or in disrepair. This may be supplied on an emergency basis or while the pumps are being repaired, replaced, or both.