Hydro excavation is a safe and reliable method that uses pressurized water and vacuum to remove soil on excavation projects.

If you perform trenching, pot-holing for directional drilling, utility locating or any work that requires excavating, you’ll be interested in learning more about our hydro excavation services. Conventional methods of digging holes require shovels, bobcats, backhoes and bulldozers, all of which risk damage to hidden services.

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Our state of the art equipment eliminates the risk of damaging existing underground infrastructures such as fiber optic cables, sewer pipes, gas lines, and/or other utilities. Hydro-Excavation is safer, more precise and requires less labor than traditional excavating methods. Contact us today to learn more about Russell Reid’s Hydro Excavation Services.

• Height: 13’

• Width: 8’6”

• Length: 38’11”

• 7’ hydraulic extendable boom, 21’+ of vertical motion, 320 degrees of rotation

• 1,200 gal capacity HDPE water tanks

• Hydraulically driven 20 GPM water pump 3,500 PSI, heater runs at 800,000 BTUs

• Hibon 8702 tri-lobe blower; 28” Hg at 5250 CFM