Storm sewers and catch basins are the underground pipes and pits that create the infrastructure for storm water collection and management.

These essential facilities are found alongside roads, parking lots, and other impermeable surfaces to control the flow of rain water during rainfall events. As rainwater collects onto these surfaces, dirt, grit, sand, and other debris are washed into the catch basins and flow down the storm sewer. Learn more about our maintenance service with Stormwater Treatment Devices. Not what you’re looking for? View other Infrastructure Maintenance Services

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Storm water is ultimately discharged into a retention basin, creek, river, or other location. While most of the storm pipes connecting the catch basins to the discharge area are designed to self clean, it is fairly routine for the pipes and catch basin to be maintained with vacuum cleaning, and high pressure water jetting.

We provide both of these services together or separate with our fleet of Combination Sewer Jet Vacs. As necessary, we will also arrange transportation and disposal of any waste or debris collected in our Roll-Off Trucks and Containers.

Since storm water run off is now known to be a major source of non-point source pollution, new regulations and system designs often require routine cleaning. Motor oil, industrial lubricants, solid waste and other contaminants are often found in catch basins and retention areas that used to manage stormwater flow. Proper care and maintenance of this important infrastructure is vital to your real estate investment and the protection of our environment.