Heavy Duty Tri- Axel Roll Off Trucks matched with a wide variety of roll off containers can accommodate all types of non-hazardous solid waste.

We own and operate a large fleet of heavy duty tri-axel roll-off trucks and containers. Our dumpster or yours, Russell Reid has the inventory you need for fast, efficient roll off service. Contact us for 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and sealed vacuum containers for garbage, recyclables, and other non-hazardous solid waste. Not what you’re looking for? View other Transportation & Disposal Services

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Project scope is what dictates which size roll off containers are needed in a given set of circumstances. Waste characteristics, volume, service frequency, and site conditions may vary by project- but we’re here to help. Dedicated account management and safety and compliance personnel insure our clients are matched with the right equipment.

Heavy Duty Tri-Axel Roll-Off

  • 350 horsepower engine
  • Clearance 11’9”
  • Tri axle straight truck
  • Heavy duty industrial hoist

Roll Off Containers

  • 10 yard containers: Length: 11’ / Width: 8’ / Height: 3’6”
  • 20 yard containers: Length: 22’ / Width: 8’ / Height: 4’
  • 30 yard containers: Length: 22’ / Width: 8’ / Height: 6’

Sealed Vacuum Containers

  • 20 yard containers: Length: 22’ / Width: 8’ / Height: 4’