Russell Reid is the industry leader in providing transportation and disposal of industrial wastewater.

Non-hazardous Industrial Wastewater falls into a broad category of wastewaters that are, by definition, non-sanitary and usually the by-product of industrial or commercial activities. These non-sanitary wastewaters are subject to disposal approval requirements, unlike the generic options that domestically generated or sanitary waste is often afforded.

Some industrial wastewaters, by generation process or generator classification, are categorical per the Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations. These categorical wastewaters are assigned pretreatment limitations, reporting requirements, or both. Russell Reid is an expert at identifying the disposal destination that will best service your specific requirements. Not what you’re looking for? View other Transportation & Disposal Services

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Defined, industrial wastewater falls into the category covering bulk liquids and semi-liquids that include but are not limited to groundwater, stormwater, oily wastewater, food processing, industrial process wastewater, or manufacturing wastewater generated from cleaning batch tanks, rinsing down equipment, flushing process lines, spent chiller loop waters, quenching and cutting fluids, and drilling muds. Industrial wastewater may have some level of organic and inorganic contamination from solvents or degreasers, metals, pesticides, herbicides, PCB’s, acid and caustics resulting in a lower or higher pH.

Russell Reid will profile your waste and identify the treatment options that best suits it based on strength, viscosity, quantity, and frequency and generation location. We will identify any reporting, permitting or regulatory oversight to make sure our offering is not only the best possible value but compliant.