Russell Reid is your competent and compliant source for the removal, transportation and disposal of petroleum contaminated wastewater.

Petroleum contaminated wastewater falls into the category of industrial wastewater and is regulated for disposal at and above 100 parts per million. Petroleum contaminated wastewater is prohibited from disposal at municipal sewerage treatment plants. Not what you’re looking for? View other Transportation & Disposal Services

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Russell Reid is an expert in finding the most cost effective and compliant disposal options for your petroleum impacted groundwater, storm water runoff, bilge water and oil water separator residual wastewater. Whether it is generated from vehicle service bays, car washes, fuel storage areas, transport facilities, storm water collection and treatment systems, Russell Reid will deliver value, professionalism and peace of mind that your waste was properly managed.

Russell Reid is available on short notice, or sign up for our periodic maintenance plan where we can provide a scheduled service according to your facility specifications.