Let Russell Reid manage your site dewatering requirements with onsite storage and offsite disposal that is both compliant and cost effective.

Onsite disposal of groundwater is not always an option while investigating or excavating. Typically, the property owner or project manager is responsible for the removal of accumulated ground and storm water from an excavation or collection point and may not simply discharge excess water onto the adjacent land or into an adjacent sanitary or storm system.

At the least a permit is required and many times, water quality requirements mean pre-treatment, recurring testing, and permitting fees. Russell Reid has a network of disposal options into trucked in waste disposal facilities that are a compliant and cost effective alternative to the rigors of securing and maintaining an onsite permitted discharge when it’s even available. Not what you’re looking for? View other Transportation & Disposal Services

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Groundwater in our region can vary in quality depending on its contact with current and historic ambient contamination in the soil. Commercial and industrial waste generators prior to the 1972 Clean Water Act dumped hazardous and toxic materials onto their property. Industries long gone have left a legacy of contamination deep into the landscape including metals, volatiles, pesticides, herbicides, PCB’s, and other constituents of concern. Russell Reid understands the disposal landscape and our years of experience assure you the best qualified approach to your site’s groundwater disposal needs.