A sanitary sewer collection system begins with the smaller pipes found in commercial, residential and industrial buildings that connect the toilets, sinks, showers, and drains.

We supply the equipment and expertise to pump, clean, and maintain sanitary sewer systems and pump stations. Our combination sewer Jet Vacs and High Pressure Sewer Jetting trucks are designed for pumping and cleaning residual waste from sewer infrastructure. In some cases, routine maintenance may require transportation and disposal or OSHA approved confined space entry for difficult to access system components. Not what you’re looking for? View other Infrastructure Maintenance Services

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These smaller pipes are connected to larger, underground pipes that send the flow of wastewater out of the building and into a larger system. This series of pipes carries wastewater to a septic system or large plant for treatment.

As the pipes get larger on the way, there may be mechanical pumps which are used to bring the wastewater from lower elevations to higher elevations. The mechanical pumps, also known as pump stations, ejector pits, or lift stations, are located inside or outside of buildings; these are owned by privately or publicly.

Together, these components make up the sanitary sewer system infrastructure. As with any infrastructure, routine maintenance is required to keep the system in good working order.