Contech Construction Products is a company that has offered civil engineering materials for projects such as bridges, drainage improvement, erosion control, storm water filtration, roadways, and retaining walls since 1986. Contech’s line of storm water filtration systems prevents debris and pollutants from entering ground and surface water. This allows any site to function efficiently while complying with State and Federal environmental regulations.

Contech offers different types of storm water management options, such as the CDS, Vortech, and StormFilter systems. Contech suggests that these systems be inspected at a minimum two times a year. Additional inspections may be necessary for filtration systems in locations where winter sanding, equipment wash downs, or where high amounts of refuse accumulate. These conditions may cause a higher volume of buildup and debris in the filters. When cleaning is necessary, a technician will need to enter the storm system, empty and replace the old filters and remove any additional sediment using a vacuum truck.

Contech’s products require specific equipment and skills to inspect and maintain. To ensure the quality and functionality of their equipment Contech Construction Products has selected the Russell Reid Company as a Preferred Service Maintenance Provider for the Tri-State area. Our company’s specialized service background makes us a perfect fit for servicing CDS, Vortech and StormFilter systems. We operate a fleet of specialized Sewer Cleaning Vacuum Trucks engineered to clean and maintain sewer and storm water collection systems. Our highly trained service technicians are OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) certified to perform Confined Space Entry. The Russell Reid Company takes pride in performing work with the highest safety standards in the industry.

“Contech Construction Products Inc. has chosen Russell Reid to become our Preferred Service Provider for New Jersey on account of their industry knowledge and willingness to step out into the forefront of the Storm water Maintenance Industry,” says John R. Brown Jr., Contech Maintenance Director in the Eastern United States. He adds “We take comfort in knowing our Storm Filter owners/managers will receive the best service and knowledge the industry has to offer.”

Russell Reid is proud to be named as a Contech Preferred Maintenance Service Provider. We look forward to providing all Contech Construction Product customers with exceptional service for many years to come.