Ever since Superstorm Sandy hit our area, many municipalities in coastal areas of New Jersey and New York have been working around the clock to restore their towns.  Russell Reid is pleased to be able to offer many services to assist, including catch basin and storm sewer cleaning to remove debris carried there by stormwater.   Catch basin and storm sewer cleaning is an important part of regular maintenance and also must be done following extreme weather.

Stormwater is basically water that is not absorbed in to the ground.  It is also called runoff because it runs off roofs and sidewalks, through parking lots and down streets, washing away pollutants as it travels.   Municipalities have systems in place to direct the flow of stormwater in order to prevent flooding and pretreat wastewater to reduce contamination of our waterways.

A catch basin is the first line of defense for capturing debris contained in stormwater before it is funneled to another location.  Some catch basins drain directly to waterways, others direct the stormwater to sewer systems for conveyance to a treatment facility.  During normal conditions, these systems function very well.  However, during severe weather conditions such as Hurricanes and other large storms, these systems can become overburdened and catch basin cleaning must be performed to ensure their continued functionality.

Catch basins and storm sewers can easily become clogged during periods of very heavy rain.  As stormwater travels towards the catch basin, it picks up debris such as leaves and grass along with finer grained material such as sand, silt and clay.  This material is all washed in to the catch basin and held there for removal.  During a heavy downpour, the rushing water contains more force and picks up a higher volume of debris and is able to carry larger pieces of garbage.  This can block the grate and not allow more water to enter the system, resulting in flood conditions.

Following Superstorm Sandy, unprecedented amounts of sand and debris were swept away by the storm surge and flood waters.  As the storm slammed onto the coastline, the huge force of water pummeled homes and buildings, breaking windows and propelling belongings out into the streets.   Large amounts of this debris were carried in to the stormwater infrastructure and municipalties are now tasked with the monumental challenge of cleaning it all up.

Municipalities have long trusted Russell Reid to assist with their catch basin and storm sewer cleaning in NJ and NY.  Now more than ever, municipalities realize the importance of expert and professional wastewater removal services coupled with proper and documented disposal.  Russell Reid’s state of the art combination jet vac machines are able to reach in to catch basins and storm sewers to pump out and clean solid and semi-solid waste from these underground waste systems.   The waste is then transported to an approved treatment facility for proper disposal.

No matter what Mother Nature throws at us, Russell Reid will be there to help clean it up, with wastewater pumping and disposal services, dumpsters for bulk solid waste removal and portable toilet rentals through our sister company Mr. John.